Creatures of the Deep

WALT: Write a ‘moment in time’ piece of writing.

Creatures of the Deep

 I was at the aquarium and then the ground started to shake and the fish were swimming very fast. I saw a gigantic octopus! It was as big as 100 elephants, with tentacles the size of two giraffe necks. I could see its big black eyes looking straight at me.  

 The octopus was smashing through the buildings. I could hear people screaming and the police sirens moving up and down the streets as they chased the octopus.  

My stomach started to feel like it was moving in circles. I felt worried that the octopus would destroy the city and the people. The buildings were crumbling to the ground and going up in flames. I could feel the warmth of the flames on my face.   
 I smell the smoke rising and swirling around me. There are more police cars now. The fire engines are everywhere. I smell the horrific seawater of the octopus.
 I taste seawater in the air. Suddenly, the gigantic octopus came out of nowhere and threw me into the sea. Now I could definitely taste the seawater. The octopus was closing in so i swam as fast as I could,  and scrambled on to the beach

I could hear loud helicopters. Suddenly, the monster was flying, then I realised it was trapped in a net that the helicopters were carrying.

By William    

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