Maths - Measurement

WALT find perimeters and areas of simple shapes

Perimeter is the distance around the outside of the shape. You find the perimeter by adding all of the lengths together.

Area is inside the shape. You find the area by multiplying the length and width of the shape. 

Example: I have a rectangle that is 6cm by 4cm. P = 6 + 6 + 4 + 4 = 20cm A = 6 x 4 = 24cm squared

My Dance Blog Post

Dancing - Term 2

I enjoyed: Doing the Mexican wave in the hip hop dance.
I learnt how: to learn two different dance routines - one Hip Hop and one Cha Cha. 
I found out: That learning a Hip Hop dance is harder than I thought.
Iv'e been challenged by: Dancing with other people. I did not want to hold hands with the girls in the Cha Cha dance.

Creatures of the Deep

WALT: Write a ‘moment in time’ piece of writing.

Creatures of the Deep

 I was at the aquarium and then the ground started to shake and the fish were swimming very fast. I saw a gigantic octopus! It was as big as 100 elephants, with tentacles the size of two giraffe necks. I could see its big black eyes looking straight at me.  

 The octopus was smashing through the buildings. I could hear people screaming and the police sirens moving up and down the streets as they chased the octopus.  

My stomach started to feel like it was moving in circles. I felt worried that the octopus would destroy the city and the people. The buildings were crumbling to the ground and going up in flames. I could feel the warmth of the flames on my face.   
 I smell the smoke rising and swirling around me. There are more police cars now. The fire engines are everywhere. I smell the horrific seawater of the octopus.
 I taste seawater in the air. Suddenly, the gigantic octopus came out of nowhere and threw me into the sea. Now I could definitely taste the seawater. The octopus was closing in so i swam as fast as I could,  and scrambled on to the beach

I could hear loud helicopters. Suddenly, the monster was flying, then I realised it was trapped in a net that the helicopters were carrying.

By William