Term 1 2014 Written Language

WALT write a personal recount about something we have done or experienced
·      Have a title
·      Have an introduction or opening statement
·      Have at least 2-3 events in the order they happened
·      Have some describing words to make a picture in the mind of the reader
·      Have a conclusion or personal response

By William Johansen

The Barbecue
One day I had a barbecue. We had sausages. They were yum. They tasted like cheese. They smelt like sizzling sausages.

Next steps.
Write a lot more details to expand your story.
Where was the barbecue held? Who was with you? What else did you do?

N.B. William still had his cast on when he broke his arm at the time this story was written.

2014 Term 1 Art Attack

WALT: use different painting techniques to paint a picture of a Lizard or Geko.

We will know we can do this when:

·    we can mix colours

·    use different colours to emphasise specific features/detail

·    use different brush stroke techniques to create different effects

·    we can paint a background