Mrs Trotter, we would enjoy having different choices of food at school  so I think we should have a cafeteria.
Firstly we should have a cafeteria so we can buy healthy food like sandwiches,milk,water,sausages,fruit and veges.
Secondly we can use money to fundraise for stuff and if we get    an cafeteria we can get back the money so we don’t waste any money.

I think we should have a cafeteria.the cafeteria will be expensive   but if we get an cafeteria
We can get money from people buying food.we can tell  the classes to go but olny one classroom at a it is isint to crowded.

So do you think we should have an cafeteria?     

Pet day

Pet day was fun because I liked looking at the animals and patting them.There was a lizard with a blue tongue.It's skin looked wet but it was dry. The dog show was cancelled half way through the show so we went inside and saw the fish,cats,bird and chickens. There was a hamster with small red eyes. My favorite animal was the parrot but it was very loud.  The animal I don't like was the fish.

my favorite dog Finn's dog blitza

Mr Twit

WALT: write a character description

 Mr twit is a grumpy person he is very hairy and mean.His beard is full of old food he glues birds to trees and collect's them then eats them in pies he likes too prank his wife one time he made her think that she was shrinking so he stretched her until he cut the rope and she flew away and then she came back down. once she put a frog in her the end of the book Mr and Mrs twit got the shrinks and the both disappeared. I think Mr twit is stupid.

week/ 8

week 8 is a very busy week and it was full of fun most of the week we did integrated leaning and a lot of sml's and spelling stuff. at morning tea and lunch i play tag. i like playing foxes and hound's for fractions we do a lot of work sheet's about word prolems.


Mrs Trotter I think we should have a school uniform but change it  so we don't have to worry about what clothes to wear for school it should not be hot and thick so on a hot day we don’t have headaches in class but the polar fleece has to be warm and thick so we don't freeze  and get colds and then we won’t be able to go to school then we won't be able to learn.  They are uncomfortable and that will change if we change our school uniform.

We want to change the colours because the colours on our school uniforms are too bold and make us too hot in the summer time.The school uniform should be light and not heavy. We should have a school so we represent our school and be proud to be an oaklands student. And then when we go on camps they will know that we are oaklands school students.So Do you think  we should have a school uniform like these?
WALT:understand how the Olympic values have been demonstrated in `Rio
SC:  I will be able to give a minimum of one example of an Olympic Value being shown in Rio.

RIO DE JANIERO  2016 running accident.  An American runner and a New Zealand runner fell over during their race and they helped each other up.  They demonstrated the respect values and friendship.  Because of this awesome show of friendship, both of them made it to the final.

the nz flag Referendum

WALT: stretch our writing to 3 paragraphs

 In NZ there is a Referendum about a new flag & an old flag.
In a Referendum people vote about the subject to get it or not .
In this  the flags are the subject.              

 some people think that we change the flag because we are no
longer a british colony and we want to be an independent republic .
but other people want to keep the flag because 31,330 died under it
and it is fine how it is.

 I think that we should change the flag because we are not a british colony
and it is more interesting